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We are now entering the third year of our Life Changes Trust Award

In October 2015 we were granted £84,000 by the Life Changes Trust to develop our Befriending Service over a five year period.  We asked the Trust to support an already busy service by offering five years funding to enable the charity to be able to sustain and develop this area of our service delivery.

Our befriending initiative supports between 15 and 20 beneficiaries each week, for up to three hours at each visit.  Our trained befrienders will support people for as long as they need.   This can be over a number of years in some cases as great friendships are formed.

Befrienders help their friends to regain/maintain contact with people and activities in their local community and by encouraging them to pursue new and old hobbies and interests.  By offering friendship it is hoped that the person with dementia will feel more confident, will have increased self esteem, self respect, dignity and an increase in their quality of life.

We thank the Trust for their support since October 2015 and are grateful that this service will be funded until September 2020.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a befriender, or know of someone who would benefit from having a befriender, please contact Elizabeth Stewart, Befriending Co-ordinator, on 01786 476797.